The International Association of the Missionaries of the New Evangelization exists as an Association within the Catholic Church. The goal of the Association is to assist all members in living the New Evangelization at the local and universal levels within the Catholic framework and is geared to specifically encourage:

  • ongoing renewal and growth in the Christian Spiritual Life
  • the promotion of “person-centered” Evangelization for the integral development of all persons involved in light of the Common Good and
  • an international network of committed Christians which assists in providing collaboratory opportunities for the giving of one’s time, talent, energies and whole person in a life of communion with other Members of the Body of Christ as they face the challenges which are present in the modern world so that each member may better fulfill their responsibility and task of transmitting the faith today both within the ecclesial community which continually needs to be evangelized itself and to others in new frontiers where faith in Jesus Christ has yet to be heard and lived.


The International Association of the Missionaries of the New Evangelization is particularly interested in the ongoing pastoral and theological developments of the Church in the area of the communication and promotion of the Christian faith. For this reason, the Association as an organization and each of the members will take great care to remain closely connected to the directives of the Bishops of their diocesan regions and the Holy Father through the Pontifical Council for the Promotion of the New Evangelization. Always looking forward with a mindset of not abandoning the rich heritage of the past, the Association will keep its members informed of the teachings and documents of the Holy Fathers on this topic as well as updating the members regarding the specific new texts of the Council and all pertinent Vatican offices on new evangelization, evangelization, mission and other areas of important relevance. Likewise, the Association will encourage and inform the members of any gatherings held by the Church which offer opportunities at the local and universal level for collaboration and fellowship on this topic.